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Friday, June 28 2024


The picture above is a fresco depiction of the healing of the woman with a hemorrhage. I think of her story often because how seemingly easy it was for her to be healed. She simply touched his cloak, and in an instant she was healed! But it wasn’t easy. For one, she was an unclean person, so she needed to make sure she wasn’t recognized and caught. And secondly, the pain of what she had to go through plus the pressure of the dense crowd probably made her ability to get to Jesus a difficult one with that much more pain. But she knew the power of Christ. She may not have fully understood what that meant but she knew He could save her. It was not the cloak in itself that saved her, but her faith in Christ that saved her. Fr. Duncan has been reiterating Mark’s central question of, put succinctly, “Who is Jesus Christ?” The power of a simple touch, borne out of great faith, reveals to us the simplicity of this answer. Jesus Christ heals.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Zach

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