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Welcome to St John's Huntington
St. John's Spirituality Group

A new St. John's Spirituality Group was formed in late 2010 after a 10-year break, and it continues to develop. Its mission statement combines a vision for spiritual growth combined with a personal commitment to oppose the continuing victimization, oppression, subjugation and discrimination of more than half of the earth’s population. Each member seeks to deepen their spirituality through core relationships and in actively affirming their worth based simply on being made in God’s image. All members pledge to respect the dignity of every person and vigorously advocate and work at home, locally, nationally and globally for universal respect for the dignity of every person, especially the most vulnerable.
Members take turns in co-leading the monthly meetings unless there is a guest speaker. The meetings are generally modeled on the sacred circle and focus on raising the awareness of spirituality through actively listening, discussing a book, watching and analyzing a relevant movie, meditation or praying together. Issues can be spiritual, theological, social, personal relationships and identity, family systems, career, and wellness of body, mind and soul. In 2011 the Group has been fortunate in attracting dynamic and fascinating guest speakers to share their stories and spiritual journeys.
All people of the parish are invited to participate and encouraged to bring along friends.

St. John's Episcopal Church
12 Prospect St. | Huntington, NY 11743 | PH: (631) 427-1752
Sunday Services at 8 AM and 10 AM
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