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Church Leadership
St. John's is led by a governing board called the Vestry which is comprised of the Rector as the chair, two lay wardens and nine lay members. Lay members of the Vestry are parishioners in good standing who are deeply committed to St. John's. They are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected to the vacant seats on the Vestry at the Annual Meeting of the Parish. The nine Vestry members may serve two consecutive three-year terms, and the Wardens may serve three consecutive two-year terms.         

Rev. Duncan A. Burns, Rector

2021-22 Lay Leadership of the Vestry

Scott Cooley, Warden                

Michael Ade

Chris Boccia

Anthony Chamorro

Christine Dore

Rob Holden                                                                                                                                              

Christine Kibirigie

Ken Kress

Elizabeth Peck

Annina Wildermuth

Anne Napolitano, Treasurer

Annina Wildermuth, Clerk of the Vestry