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Welcome to St John's Huntington
What is stewardship?
Stewardship is a biblical concept of caring for the material and spiritual gifts we enjoy in life. A steward is a person who is responsible for someone else’s property, finances, or affairs. In the church, stewardship reminds us that everything we have is a gift from God. It also encourages us to dedicate part of our time, talent and treasure to support the work and life of the church.
We are all called to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts. How we use these gifts is a spiritual issue and reflects spiritual life of faith and our relationship wiht God. Unless we designate even some small portion of our daily life for prayer and discernment, we should not be surprised to see our faith flounder and even disintegrate. If we are totally consumed by work or selfish pleasure in our use of God-given talents, we can easily lose sight of the higher purpose of what we do. Money can either destroy the soul or enrich the spiritual life. The thoughtful use of money--spending, saving, investing, giving--is an effective way to care for ourselves and others and realize our vision for a better world, and for St. John’s, the spiritual treasure we all love and cherish.
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