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Friday, October 23 2020

 “And the Second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’“ Matthew 22: 39

My child, please remember

In all whom you see

Do always your best

To see also Me.

For in every child

In every father and mother

In every girl and boy

Every sister and brother,

In each and every person

Whether young or old,

There lies a treasure

Yet often untold:

I love each one,

For each soul I did die;

So let the image of Me

Come to mind’s eye.

For if I love each one so,

I call you to love too;

As you desire to be treated,

Unto others also do.

Though they may not know Me,

Though they may be in sin,

New life in their hearts

At any time could begin.

So this is My call,

My will and My command,

To each person give love,

Reach out your hand.

As you love yourself

Love all who you meet,

Then you will feel My love,

Ever eternal and sweet.

Love one another

As I have loved you;

This, my precious child,

I call you now to do.

In serving your neighbor;

In loving one another;

You are surely My family,

My sister, my brother.

So, child please remember

In all whom you see

Open your eyes wide

To also see me.

Caroline Gavin 2013

Our call to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves is a reminder that our true mission in this world is to reach beyond the confines of the church building itself and be the church in the world. Church is indeed community, but not limited just to those who claim to be members of St. Johns. Our mission is to know Jesus and to make Him known, which requires us to reach out to those in our neighborhoods as well as the wider community to recognize the love that God has already planted in their hearts – even if they don’t know it. And by seeing that love, we can acknowledge that we all have God in common. Perhaps in that bond of love, we can, person by person, share Christ and grow His love in our world. One step…outside of our comfort zone, and God’s beautiful dream for God’s people grows and flourishes.

In Christ’s Love,
Claire Mis, Seminarian


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